CLIMB – Exactly what does that stand for?

As an organization, identifying why you exist and what you stand for is easy. Putting a name, an identification to describe your purpose is a very difficult task. Permit me to take you through the acronym “CLIMB” to expand a little on what it is we stand for and how our partner organizations fit into our mission.

C : Create opportunities for Haitians in need to improve their living conditions. Often simply, “create opportunity”.  Accolade for Saving Lives creates opportunity for their program families through education, skills training, employment, small business loans and business ventures. Tous Ensemble creates opportunity through public health education & illness prevention, and therapies that enable the return to normal life activity.

L : Live intentionally as followers of Christ. Accolade for Saving Lives is rooted in prayer, fellowship and gospel training. Patchouko has reached into the incredibly broken lives of their program’s children and families. He has patiently trained staff and demonstrates a lifestyle of evangelism and selfless service to all. His nearly every move is with gospel intent. Tous Ensemble begins every day in prayer, pleading with God to guide their hands in therapy and make their hearts and words be a ministry to all they will encounter throughout their day.  The clinic is situated near a corner between the two lowest income “slum” areas of Les Cayes – in fact the two neighborhoods Accolade’s program families live in.  On any given day you may see Patchouko and/or Consuelo (director of Tous Ensemble) in these red zone areas going to the broken and burdened ones , unwavered by potential danger or filth but seated in prayer, holding hands and healing hearts where it takes great intent to be.

I : Inspire individuals and groups making efforts to improve their situations. CLIMB recognizes the value of empowering Haitians that in response affect the lives of those around them. Watch future blogs for specific examples of how our partners were doing this when God brought them to CLIMB.

M : Mentor youth while spending time in Haiti. Often simply “mentor”. It is our hearts desire to demonstrate love and display confidence in the youth of Haiti. We believe that no matter where they live, our young people need to know that adults love them and believe in them – not only in what they CAN become, but what they ALREADY are. God’s children, created for a purpose, with intent. Often they simply need a safe place to develop the tools they need and to practice using them. CLIMB’s partners demonstrate organizational integrity that within is given grace, forgiveness and second chances.

B : Believe in those we are serving. Ah, this has become my favorite letter in our acronym. Not long ago I was writing CLIMB vertically and realized that “B” was the base, it held up all of the other letters. How appropriate! At the base of what we stand for is belief in those that we serve. In CLIMB’s world “those that we serve” are Accolade for Saving Lives and Tous Ensemble. With tools and autonomy our partner organizations are changing the lives of those they serve. WE BELIEVE THAT GOD HAS GIFTED AND INSPIRED THEM FOR SUCH A TIME AS THIS.

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