In The Eye of The Storm

Yesterday was a “bad” day. We all have them regardless of our aspirations to hold true to ourselves and our convictions. My “bad” day didn’t likely look like anyone else’s most recent regret and it didn’t hold any life altering diagnosis, death or tragedy. However, it was rotten and left a horrible taste in my mouth as I lay down to sleep last night.

As I lay down to sleep last night my phone buzzed. A Facebook message from a dear friend asking me to meet them because they had a surprise for us. This morning CLIMB was blessed with a generous financial donation from our friends’ church and their Missions Board. She has been a champion in representing Christ’s work in Haiti and they are responding in love.

As I got into my car the radio was playing a song whose point was this: If we would simply surrender, God is already at work. Hold on. . . I realize this isn’t new, this doesn’t sound very deep here. It’s the timing in this. A “Godstance”, not a circumstance, not a coincidence.  A quick note of astonishment and thanksgiving, praising my friend for her championship for God’s kingdom and she returns with a note telling us that God, through CLIMB’s work, is moving hearts to give generously, to affect lives outside of the immediate church family and building, not only for work in Haiti but for four other ministries as well!! Suddenly I feel so puny.

Time for a quick check of CLIMB’s email before heading off to work.  You guessed it – God is still at work in my day. It may have been the eye of the storm yesterday, but today the sun is shining in my world. He has my attention! An email from a friend of CLIMB telling me she is home today and God has put our work on her heart. She is writing to share that she is praying for me specifically and for our ministry today. We are the focus of her time with Jesus.

I am so puny. Placed yesterday in the eye of the storm, feeling as if I must be strong, I must endure and I must present myself as capable. At the end of the storm I must produce a perfectly wrapped package, right? Don’t miss this, though. I prayed intentionally through the storm.  The package was wrapped; it wasn’t perfect but it was beautiful.

The desire to write this all down came as God formed my mind around a storm and a chess game. What if, as the storm raged, I remained firmly rooted as other things fell around me? Haven’t we all witnessed the clean-up after a storm? Neighbors that haven’t spoken for years come together to get things done. Relationships are often rekindled or possibly begun. Trees that were not rooted firmly are cleaned up and taken away or used to fuel another purpose. Trees whose roots ran deep and drank of their intended nourishment will form new trunks and new branches and stand even more strongly than before the storm.

The chess game? We are all just pieces in this game of life, really. I must refine the skill of allowing God to move the pieces and allowing the other pieces to fall as they may. I don’t play chess so I can’t speak eloquently of each move made or the role of each piece. Much like life, I know only what I see from the outside. I cannot, from my perspective, know the outcome. At this point I don’t even know they players!

Here I come, Tuesday! The storm has passed, clean-up and rebuilding will begin. I am ready to move where God moves, ready to accept the pruning and praying for deep roots and stronger tomorrows. I pray that for you, too.

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