Hummingbirds and Coffee

HummingbirdWe are blessed with a room off the back of our house with three walls of windows peeking over our raised bed garden into a small stand of trees. ┬áThis is a place where, situated at the proper angle in a chosen piece of furniture I cannot see the inside of my house; there is no pile of dirty dishes, no floors to be swept, no laundry and no task list. A mini haven just a few steps from the coffee pot ­čÖé ┬áIt is a place that I find peace, rest and inspiration.

A hummingbird feeder hangs on one of the windows. Early in the spring it was cleaned, nectar carefully prepared and cooled, filled and hung. In a short time there was a flurry of activity, buzzing and hovering. Long, satisfying draws of nectar interrupted by dog-fights to earn the privilege of supping. We were careful to keep the nectar fresh, the feeder cleaned and always full.

The dawn of this week follows several that were full and frenzied.  Today I sat down in my haven of rest, 90 pounds of fur plopped at my side.  The hummingbird feeder hung empty, the heat and humidity of last week leaving evidence in a fine black powder along the bottom. Of course, there were no birds.

Many times in the past weeks I have passed the feeder, glanced at it knowing that if I tended to it the birds would come. I was busy, believing that even those few moments to rinse and fill the feeder would take away from more pressing needs.

As I held the simple feeder, enroute to the kitchen sink and bottle of bleach, I thought of the quiet absence of those birds this morning. I wondered, “Is this a tiny bit how God feels when I neglect to fill my cup with the sweet nectar of His word?” I scrubbed, cleaned, rinsed and refilled the feeder. It is hanging, sparkling and ready. One hummingbird came by and took a quick look. None have stopped for long, satisfying draws of nectar.

I am drawn into deeper conviction today as I wait in anticipation for the return of our dog fighting, hungry friends. God is waiting for each of us even more eagerly, not to stop by briefly, but to dwell with Him. As I sit here this morning I am moved to consider if I eagerly await the daily return of these sweet birds to sit a spell and sup of this nectar that I made for them, how much more eagerly does God my Father wait for me to truly drink in His word, to find sustenance in His promises and to return again and again for refreshment.

And the dirty feeder? Oh, yes, let me not miss the analogy there.  Before I come to drink of His sweet presence, I must cleanse myself in the powerful blood of my Lord Jesus, for without that I am but a moldy, dirty vessel whose nectar will be poison to those who feed upon it.

May the God of all creation cleanse us and feed us, equip us to be the light and love that the world around us needs. As we seek to CLIMB – to Create, Live Intentionally, Inspire, Mentor and Believe – may we not fail to first cleanse ourselves and come to the water that allows us to never thirst again. Only then are we prepared to CLIMB with faith that our feet will not fail.

Be cleansed and filled today!




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