Grab a seat, do I have a story for you!

We had an eventful day today. It started with a flat tire (actually shredded tire) on the boat trailer at O’dark thirty on highway who knows where..  We took it in stride, placed the spare and kept going.

A slow start at the lake led to productive large mouth bass but an early end to the day to get our tire fixed on the way home.  We started out and began searching our route for a place to purchase new tires.  Every place we found was either closed or they did not carry tires in the size we needed. It was a hot day. We resolved ourselves to the fact we may have to attempt making it back to the Des Moines area with the spare and one original tire (it wasn’t looking much better than the blown tire).

After allowing the tires to cool down as we ate lunch and canvassed locals about available tire services, we were back on the road. Sure enough we eventually heard the sound – you know the one…..pop, clunk, clunk, clunk. Oh, my! There goes a piece of rubber out the back of the trailer. Off to the shoulder we went AGAIN. Only, this time we do not have a spare tire – it is already on the trailer, remember?

Matt goes to work removing the rim and shreds of tire as I begin to call stores that may carry trailer sized tires.  While on hold for the Tire & Auto manager, I prayed ” God, please help. We need a human that will go an extra mile with us here,” It was 4:00 pm on a Saturday, most places were closed and those that were open were closing very soon. As I am waiting on hold I hear skidding in the gravel! Certain someone was about to rear end the boat and trailer, I turn around to see a white truck coming to a fast halt in front of our truck and trailer.

A young man steps out of the truck, approaches the boat/trailer confidently and says, “I am here, how can I help you? Do you have help on the way?” Well, no, not exaclty, but yes kind of. Our daughter and son-in-law were on their way to hopefully transport two tires and Matt to wherever we found two tires and the ability to mount them. Our Good Samaritan (human ready to go an exta mile for strangers) says, “I’ll call Hewitt Auto in Monroe, I know those guys. Let’s see if they have the right size”.

Of course they had the correct size! Of course they had the ability to mount them prior to closing! Mr. Good Samaritan grabs a tire, directs Matt to his truck and off they go as I call to have our daughter re-route and pick Matt up at Hewitt’s.

There I stood, alone in near shock. Moments after I prayed, nearly instantaneously, our help arrived in a big, white truck! Remember, we had already used the spare and the tire blew nowhere near civilization. Leaving this trailer and boat with a farmer until we could return simply was not an option. Leaving it on the side of the road until Monday was even less of an option!

Do you remember the TV show, “Touched by an Angel” ? I wanted to have Matt verify this guy’s name – does he have an actul address here on earth or did that white truck drop down directly from the clouds?! Seriously. how could it have been anything short of God’s divine intervention?

The tires (and one rim) got fixed.  Not one more car stopped to offer help as I awaited Matt’s return with new tires. We made it home safely! Praise God for guardian angels and humans that carry so much love for others that they still stop to offer their help!


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