Forty Two Days

Forty-two days remain until our transition to life in Haiti begins. I would like to be open with you. I would like to take you on this journey with us in a sort of “raw” manner for the good and the bad.  Choosing where to begin in the midst of this thought salad I have going on is challenging!


This week someone dear to me ended our conversation saying, “Be careful, OK?”  Today the message at church was The Great Commission. As we sang together in worship about being called out, about releasing fears and anxieties to God, this statement of concern came back to mind.  “Be careful, OK?”


The worship team had chosen songs specifically for me. OK, not really, but don’t you love it when it feels like that is true?!  I was singing and thinking about what it requires to step out of our comfort zones.  Maybe that’s on our neighborhood street, in our workplace, at the store, the park, or across an ocean; that detail is of no matter. Leaving the place that makes us feel safe requires courage, faith, preparation, strength and a certain amount of risk.


Sure, sometimes we need to (and should) withdraw back to that place of safety and security; we need renewal and time to process things we have been through and what God has for us next.  Spiritual and personal transformation can take place in our safe zone.  I do not believe God has created us nor called us to camp out here.


Matthew 28:16 – 20 , The Great Commission, does not say, “Stay right there, no farther now, be sure you are safe and comfortable”.  It DOES say, “Therefore GO………And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age”.  God is with us, let’s get out there and see what it is He will accomplish with our “yes”!  Be careful, yes, but be brave and courageous in the faith that God has you covered!

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