The Joy of the Lord is our Strength

Joy. As I sit to edit pictures taken so far this week in Haiti, I am moved to tears by the joy that I see. The emotional climate is different since Hurricane Matthew. It is fragile and painful. This group came from Minnesota, USA to see what Patchouko has been doing at ASL. They are blessing ASL with knowledge, music, games. They share the gospel message that God’s love is for THEM, for all of us, in good times and in bad. For this MN group, coming to “see” means digging in deep. It means giving of heart and soul. It looks like stepping into the culture without reservation, It is serving the boys and serving the servants here.  To this I am the privileged observer. From behind my camera lens I am blessed to capture joy amidst the pain. The deep and wide love of God has moved me to tears. Take a peek and feel the joy!