Moses, Moving and Stepping Out

Moving is a cathartic experience for some of us. I love the written word, cannot read too much. When something strikes a cord with me, makes me feel deeply or think deeply I have the need to keep it. . . . forever?! I AM proud to report that my stacks of inspiration have shrunk over the years, I have become more selective and a bit more tech savvy. That being said, this move has unearthed some treasures worth settling in with for a spell.

It was folded backward upon itself, highlighted and marked up with ink pen in several different fashions. I didn’t immediately recognize it but knew from the amount of emphasis I had inserted this must have held significant meaning to me. Unfolding it revealed it was the September, 2014 edition of the Christian and Missionary Alliance magazine “A-Life”. Dr. Rob Reimer wrote the article and has absolutely no idea how deeply it touched me. That fact alone opens opportunity for an entire blog of its own!

There are no mistakes in God’s timing, no coincidences in life.  Here, as we prepare to relocate to Haiti, lies a truth too appropriate for coincidence. Read on. . .

Dr. Reimer is making the point that we should not read the Bible to know the Bible; we should read the Bible to know God. Only God can change the human heart. He is speaking to transformation. Dr. Reimer takes the reader back to Moses and the burning bush. God gives Moses a seemingly impossible assignment, doesn’t he? “He is to lead a nation of people out of a land where the native don’t want them to leave into a land where the inhabitants don’t want them to come – and the group of people he’s leading don’t want to make the trip.” Who signs up for that?! Right? We read on . . .”Moses feels OVERWHELMED and INADEQUATE. ‘Who am I that I should do this?’, he responds”. What does God do? How does he respond to Moses’ limited human vision? He does not answer his question, but he says, “I will be with you”.

Moses was worried about himself, his adequacy. God says, no problem – stick with me and you cannot lose. “So, Moses becomes a man who relentlessly pursues the presence of God. The Lord would speak to Moses face to face, as a man speaks to his friend” (Ex 33:11a). Dr. Reimer explains that the phrase “face to face” in Hebrew is literally “mouth to mouth”. CAN YOU IMAGINE? I’m here to tell you if the assignment didn’t cause me some self-doubt, being mouth-to-mouth with my God would make me shake in my boots!!

Moses was transformed from a doubting man to a mouth-to-mouth friend of the living God. How? By coming into the presence of God, by PURSUING God, not waiting for God to prove something or to show up somehow.  What glorious reassurance and HOPE is this?! Yes, Lord, Yes, Lord, Yes, Lord, YES!

If you are feeling overwhelmed, if you are feeling inadequate – you are in a perfect position to be filled with the Holy Spirit and the power only God your Father can give. When we are empty of ourselves we have more room for Him. So don’t stress over knowing where to find what in the Bible. Don’t allow yourself to avoid what seems like a confusing book on your shelf. Grab it. Read it. Get to know HIM. It’s not about memorization, rituals, religion. It’s about relationship. He is ready, waiting in fact, to meet you right where you are. Turn around and accept His embrace.

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  1. Mom Luck June 18, 2018 Reply

    May God’s continued blessings pour over the efforts of CLIMB and those who support them and lift them up in prayer. My thoughts as I read this blog came to Moses and Aaron and the entourage that followed them. Memories of the many faces in Haiti then raced passed and recalling those efforts while there in February became vivid once again. Our God is a mighty God. Prayers and support continue.

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