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Together We Believe!

Nothing Is Impossible

The board of CLIMB recognizes a great desire among many Haitians to be the change that they want to see in their country. We get very excited when we see them identifying needs and envisioning intervention. Very often, however, our young friends’ plans reach an impasse when they do not have the resources to begin or possibly continue their mission or project. We at CLIMB believe realization can & will be accomplished through a partnership of mutual respect, training, support, and an enormous amount of faith in God’s plans.

We listen to the heart of the visionary, seeking to know what God has placed on their hearts. CLIMB engages with our partners at the grass root level. It is our desire to network with others that are working in Haiti, to identify healthy organizations that our Haitian partners can work alongside and learn from. Relationship building, mentoring leaders and youth, teaching business management skills, and loving deeply in the name of Jesus Christ are at the heart of CLIMB’s mission.

We believe in the power of our great God. We believe in the spirit and will of our Haitian friends. Together we believe that nothing is impossible.

We invite you to join us on this always changing journey!

A Word From Trip Participants:

"I have participated in the field of international service and volunteering in a variety of countries, in various capacities, and with very different organizations/programs. And what I continue to learn is that programs don't change lives - it is the relationships and love that change lives. What Tricia and Matt have nurtured in Haiti is genuine. Within the country they have developed a network of relationships, and the people (especially the children in Accolade) have become an extension of their own family. I see sustainability - resources going to build self reliance and raising families up to get closer to independence. And most impressive, they both show the ultimate respect learning the language of the people that they serve. I know this will be a life-long commitment for them - and this program will continue to be altruistic, empathic, and true to its goals. Accolade for Saving Lives is doing a lot of things right."

Martin Bazelak Spring 2016

“Reflecting on the week, it was so easy to see God at work in the lives of the Haitian people and notice how he was using our short visit and resources to make a difference for his kingdom. I felt God’s presence in ways that I never expected to this week and am so thankful that He took me and all my brokenness and opened my eyes to this amazing experience. CLIMB is an amazing organization with an eternal vision and they helped place Haiti on my heart forever."

Schae Spring 2015 Gardening trip

"We had the privilege of visiting Accolade for Saving Lives. This organization does some awesome work by providing boys living on the street with a meal and teaches them craftsmanship, English, and the Bible. After speaking with the director, you could tell how much he truly cared for each one of the boys and had a desire to do even more. My experience in Haiti was unforgettable. Not only was I able to be fully immersed into a culture, but also developed friendships with local people and saw how various organizations are working to help and equip the next generation of Haitians. God completely allowed Haiti into my heart and opened my eyes to see a new perspective. This developing country taught me the true meaning of community and what unconditional love genuinely feels like. Haiti is and will always be on my heart – I can’t wait to go back."

Raelyn Testimonial Pic
Raelyn Spring 2015 Gardening trip

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