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The people behind CLIMB.

"The One who calls you is faithful, and HE will do it" 1Thessalonians 5:24 (NIV)

Matt & Tricia Spading

Founding Board Members

We believe in the power of the Holy Spirit through the gospel of Jesus Christ. We share a passion for the potential of the Haitian people. This passion was fueled by travel through different regions of Haiti and the privilege to work with numerous organizations over time.

We launched CLIMB in 2015 with a vision to empower those we believe in. Matt has worked in the financial industry for 31 years, currently in the Trust Department of a locally owned bank. Tricia has been a Registered Nurse for 33 years. Together we juggle family, work, serving CLIMB full time and traveling to Haiti as often as that opportunity arises. We have three grown children married to three amazing spouses. We are blessed with two adorable grandchildren.

Allan & Kay Shindelar

Founding Board Members

Allan and Kay Shindelar first traveled to Haiti in 2012, with their daughter Rebekah. During this trip they fell in love with the people of Haiti and were blessed to encounter Christ as they got to know them. With hearts changed they returned home to the responsibilities of Allan as a farmer managing a goat dairy operation and growing corn & beans; Kay as a busy nurse working in a nearby clinic; and Rebekah set to finish high school and head off to college.

Their love for Haiti continued to grow as they shared their experience with others. A second trip to Haiti taught them even more about the culture and reinforced a desire to spread God’s love in Haiti. Being a part of CLIMB has been a wonderful opportunity for them to continue helping the people of Haiti by empowering them to help themselves and they look forward to the future as God reveals His plan for their part in His work! Kay & Allan are parents to 4 children and 4 grandchildren.

Kay and Allan photo

Billy & Deanna Faubus

Founding Board Members

Billy and Deanna have been married to since 2006. Billy spent 15 years in the print manufacturing industry, and recently switched careers to open a restaurant and catering business.

Deanna is an entrepreneur and a business graduate from Iowa State University. After 14 years of starting and operating her own businesses, God opened the door in 2015 for her to start working for His Kingdom. Deanna is humbled and overjoyed at the opportunity to be an integral part of serving God while still using her education, skills and experience.

It has been through the love for Jesus Christ that Billy & Deanna have been called to serve in this ministry, empowering others to serve their brothers and sisters in need.