We Owe It All To Grace

Thank you, New World Son, for “Learning To Be The Light”. If you aren’t familiar with this song, I strongly encourage you to listen. Three of us completed a week of work to prepare for the next eight weeks with a team at Accolade for Saving Lives and Tous Ensemble. It was a flurry of activity. My two helpers returned to the U.S. yesterday, and today as I processed through the past week’s activities although there were incredibly more moments of beauty, camaraderie, and sisterly love my mind wanted to land on my inadequacies. Tricia, why didn’t you, and more often….Tricia, why DID you? Face down with my Lord I realized I had begun playing music and in the background was “Learning To Be The Light”. Listen to it. I owe it all to grace. The privilege of service to Christ, the burdens of human fallibility, and the devotion of friends so true and so loving that they are with me through it all – in my good and in my bad. I pray I am a little of that to others as well. I owe it all to grace. I am blessed.

Today a new chapter begins. A Discipleship Training School (DTS) from YWAM Minneapolis is arriving to serve with us for their term of Outreach. ASL and Tous Ensemble are PUMPED to welcome them. Pray with us for a fruitful time together.

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