Rising Above Her Circumstances

The hurricane took every single panel from the roof of her one room rental, where she and her two teenage children live. Upon arriving to Les Cayes 9 days ago I stopped by her house. There was no cover over her belongings, it was raining.  We discussed the goals of CLIMB and Accolade in the coming days, she smiled and said thank you very much. I left feeling helpless but knowing that there was a plan, we just had to be patient.

Today we returned to deliver peanut butter, hygiene kits and a water filter. As I stepped out of the 4-Runner I was awestruck. Her home was covered in brand new tin!  Our friend was washing clothes in a basin in front of her home and greeted us happily. Patchouko inquired how she was able to replace her roof. Our friend explained that she negotiated with her landlord. She would fix the roof with money she made selling charcoal if he did not charge her rent for the next year.

This, coming from one of the Accolade for Saving Lives moms that was applying for a small business loan as one of our first 5 loan participants. Folks, I believe she has just qualified for that loan.

We will return with some strong Accolade boys to help her paint her one room home and to fix her wobbly table legs. A small kudos to her determination and independence. Encouragement and empowerment sprinkled with love and gospel go a long way. GO GOD!!!!

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