Life, Death and what do we do in between?
This week we are celebrating new life with the birth of my newest, and first,  great nephew. Praise God for healthy babies, healthy mommas, and safe delivery. After many years as a nurse in the field of maternity I can tell you that most of us in the 1st world take pregnancy & birth for granted.  Our friends and family in developing countries are keenly, personally aware of the risks involved. Let us never forget the privilege we have in modern, funded & well researched medicine.
Many of you know that my second love in nursing has been Hospice Care. Truly, how much closer can we get to heaven on earth than the moment of birth and the moment of death? Receiving a soul from our Father and releasing a soul back to our Father. Stories of this are for another blog – there are so many! But it gets me thinking about the time between life and death. What are we doing with what He has given us?  Are we listening? Paying attention to what occurs in our day that just may be ordained by our Father in heaven? I think about the conversations, friends, educational interactions, opportunity for growth, etc I personally would not have experienced to this point had we as a couple, and now we as a CLIMB board would not have said YES when God said DO/GO.
For instance, today, I had arranged through a buy/sell/trade Facebook site to purchase a small child’s drum set for Patchouko’s son in Haiti. He IS rhythm. Seven years old and bursting with song, always accompanied by beating on something, anything, nearby. The meeting turned into a donation of the drum set and deep conversation about where it is going, why it is going, and how this all got started. Another connection has been made. Ordained to occur in the Casey’s parking lot in Cedar Rapids, IA.  Stories similar and even much more unbelievable than this occur with us on a daily basis. We simply cannot “out-do” God 🙂
As we set out to hear God clearly, answer His call obediently, and serve His people well, there are always choices. You can imagine the list. The choice before ASL and CLIMB today brings me back to asking what are we doing between the gift of life and our return to God through death? Today ASL is choosing to give life through medicine and nutritional support.
We have an almost 2 year old sibling to one of the Accolade boys that is suffering horrendously. His story is not unique in the neighborhood that he lives, but he is a sibling to one of ours. He has been treated many times by the local hospital, after which he gets mildly better but never cured. Why? Because his family is unable to improve the environment where they live. They are one of only a couple ASL families that owns the land their dwelling sits upon. This means they can make alterations to the structure, but they have no resources. So this little guy gets intestinal worms, he becomes severely malnourished, the hospital treats him, he returns to a dirt floor dwelling, eating whatever he finds as he meanders around and maybe gets a meal each day. Now the hospital is saying no more; until you change how you are living, he will not get better, we will not waste the medicine on this. While we set out purposefully, with well-established, clear goals and guidelines to empower through training, education, etc, this is an appropriate time for rescue.  in times like today when details become less clear, even less important,  we get back on our knees, seeking God our Father to guide us.  So we pause, we pray and we respond.  As I type Patchouko is delivering medicine and peanut butter to this child’s mother.  He will spend time speaking with her, reiterating the importance of clean water, sanitation practices, and consistency in feeding the peanut butter (please, do not sell it to someone else). This is rescue phase. In order to implement recovery in this child there will need to be concrete on the floor where there is now dirt. We at CLIMB and ASL would like to provide that. We are reaching out to anyone who feels God calling them to respond to help us fund a concrete floor. Visit and click “Donate Now” to join the effort!
If you feel God moving you toward support of this effort, or ongoing monthly needs at ASL, I challenge you to say yes. Speaking from personal experience, your gift will be multiplied beyond your wildest imagination. God’s economy is unique. Truly, only God knows what is best!
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God Bless You all,

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