Father of 3. . .or is it 28?!

Aye, aye, Captain P!

Seriously, this level of commitment, compassion, unconditional love and determination could only proceed from an immeasurable, incomparable God. For in his human, flesh-contained nature Patchouko could not be who and what he is to these children. And when he reads this post, I can already see his eyes, the tilt of his head, and hear his voice as he speaks, “it is not from me, Tricia, but only from God who sees those who society seems to cast out”. EXACTLY.

As I reflect upon America’s celebration of Father’s Day I write today to reach out to Patchouko, Director of Accolade for Saving Lives to wish him also a Happy Father’s Day.  We celebrate his recognition of God’s call on his life to give far more than he takes. Father to three adorable, energetic children of his and his faithful wife.  “Father” (he prefers to think of himself as Friend) to 25 boys who just one year ago seemed to be forgotten, lost on a path of hopelessness.

These boys today? They know they are loved – by the staff at ASL but first by God our heavenly Father.  They are learning respect of their family, responsibility, accountability, life in community, attending church, going to school, encouraging each other, and pulling each other up when one falls down.

Thank you, Patchouko, for answering God’s call on your life.  Captain P


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