Don’t Stop at a Few Good Times

Preparing for Kelsey & Nick’s wedding while also preparing for our journey to life in Haiti has brought our family together with great intention. Good times. Evidence of God’s work in our kids and in their lives. I am currently preparing pictures to take with us for our home in Haiti. Be still my heart! We have been blessed!!

As my heart begins to pull in different directions and my mind attempts to wander, I am today drawn to the book of John. There, in John 1:23 it says, “Make straight the way for the Lord”.

John heard clearly, this is not about you. Get busy. Prepare hearts and minds for the day the Lord himself comes to complete that work you are to begin. Again as I sit with Jesus, as I examine the Word, it reveals what I need to know.

Nowhere have I found instructions to surround myself with the good that has already been accomplished; to remain comfortable in this happy place. No, again Jesus says the journey has only just begun. Meet my people where they are. Love them. Listen well to them. “Make straight the way for the Lord”.

What does this mean? Whatever it takes. It’s not about us, how it affects us. Seriously. Our savior hung on a cross – do you suppose his feelings were hurt? Do you suppose the insults stung?

It is not for us to MAKE anyone into anything. NO, make straight the way FOR THE LORD. Love. Get dirty. Be vulnerable. Leave our comfort zone. Heart will change as a result and that, friends, is when Jesus takes over. You and I are listeners with a road map and a field guide. God’s word – He IS the word. Living and active.

Even as my momma heart yearns for more of what I see in the pictures I have framed, I push through. I will not remain to relish there, but I carry them with me to a new place. I pray the joy displayed in them will soften hearts and make straight the way for Jesus to welcome hurting and weary souls into a new hope and a new life. Thank you, God, for the challenge and the privilege of living out loud for you! Give us strength, give us courage, give us provision for the long haul. Amen!

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