Determination Redefined

There is really nothing about sewing men’s dress pants that used to be fun for me. Honestly, I dreaded waist bands, cried over a few zipper installations, and welt pockets?! Really?! That was then. For three weeks I have awakened excited to dive into the next task. Determination is contagious. Hope is contagious. Love is contagious. . .and I have caught them all from a small group of Accolade for Saving Lives moms.

We have gathered Monday through Friday from 9:00 am – 1:00 pm for 3 weeks. After a quick review of using our machines, sewing straight lines and trouble shooting, we dove right into school uniform pants (small versions of men’s dress pants).

Allow me to set the stage:

1) They are not yet being paid to sew.

2) Attending class takes them from their home for 5 – 6 hours.

3) Most often the moms walk 30 – 4 0 minutes one way to attend class.

4) All of them are the primary housekeeper. Cooking over charcoal and doing laundry by hand take hours each day.

5) One of our moms is pregnant, one brings a 10 month old baby with her, one has a husband suffering a long term illness at home.

6) ALL of them arrive with smiles of gratitude and genuine pleasure in hard work.

In February of this year one of our sewing moms shared with the other ASL moms, “It is a great privilege to receive training that we don’t pay for and to learn something that we can actually use.” They understand the goals of Patchouko’s program through ASL. They desire to provide for the needs of their children. They are not only willing, but they are happy to make the sacrifices required to receive the blessing.

I embraced zippers, welt pockets and waistbands with a different fervor. I have caught their contagious laughter, joy and determination with a faith that stands rooted in many storms. They finished their first pair of pants. Two of the four fit perfectly, two required only minor adjustments. If you have sewn, think back to your first month of learning. These gals have had a total of 4 weeks instruction spread out over 7 months. . .and they made dress pants!

Romans 12:11 – 12, ” Never be lacking in zeal, but keep your spiritual fervor, serving the Lord”


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