When You Just Can’t Say No
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Not all folks are easy to serve – if you’ve served others you’re feeling what I’m saying 😉  One of Accolade’s program fellas was particularly unruly in the beginning years. Over the past 6 years he has presented many an opportunity for staff to learn and practice patience, consistency and self-control.

Following the recent earthquake Patchouko loaded up some of the program participants armed with tarps and they headed to the families served by Accolade. While they were placing a tarp over the broken roof of the above mentioned fella’s home Patchouko noticed his grandmother was crying as she prayed aloud. She was looking up at her neighbor’s roof – sun was shining through the roof. Our sweet, faithful friend was grateful yet heartbroken.

Sometimes you just have to do the right thing. Patchouko went back to the center and got a longer tarp so they could also cover the neighbor’s roof.

Our formerly ornery, self-focused fella was beaming with pride. He was proud, MOTIVATED & excited to be providing for his family and serving his neighbor.  The best part? It has stuck. He continues to come to prepare relief supplies, distribute, to help and has shown far more maturity in participation. Adversity grows us. God uses it for good when we least expect it. Thank you for being the dollars behind the help. Bless you for continuing to pray for provision, courage and wisdom. Your prayers combined with the prayers of our Haitian community are the foundation of all that flows through CLIMB. To the glory of God alone – keep it up!

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