This Is What We’re Talking About


We have been talking about something just like this since CLIMB was a simple concept. Haitians changing Haiti. Empowering those Haitians that step out to be the change, giving them a hand up to set God’s plan for their ideas in motion.  And then it came to us – no, literally!

One day while I was at ASL, settling a YWAM DTS Outreach team into their eight week stay, we received visitors. Three young ladies from a local high school came to talk to our lead ASL teacher about a project they wanted to put into action. They had come to Accolade for Saving Lives to seek permission to return with a program that would encourage the ASL boys to stay in school, and encourage the staff to continue doing what they are doing. These young gals had identified Patchouko’s work with “street boys” and were seeking to become part of the continuum of change.

I sat amazed. I could not stop smiling. Was I truly hearing their questions correctly? Maybe I was not clearly understanding the Creole. Henry reassured me that indeed I was clearly understanding the conversation. They had discovered the success within ASL’s programming and had come to encourage the boys to continue learning, to stay in school, and to be good citizens. They were not judging the boys! They were seeing potential, they were bringing hope. They are their peers.

They returned last week and brought more friends with them.  I wasn’t present to witness the exchange, but the faces captured in these pictures say it all. Respect. Encouragement. Time shared with your peers. Validation of hope and a renewed purpose for sticking to it. This is what we’re talking about!

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