The Sea Was Angry

Daily life in Haiti had been tumultuous to say the least. As we rounded the curve toward the beach one of the boys said, The Sea Is Angry today. The normally gently rolling waves were crashing onto shore. The sea seemed to be reflecting the social climate of recent weeks. The sea WAS angry.

We settled our things beneath a thatched roof hut, around a homemade table surrounded by caned chairs. Initially I headed to the shore expecting to simply listen to the waves. It was rough out there, seaweed was washing up in a pile of smelly mess. As I approached the shore I knew I must go back for the camera. I was deeply moved by the contrast between a pair of boats.

At first glance the first boat appears to be about to take on water. Standing to watch the boat I could see that it was rocking between the waves, not taking on water but remaining afloat in the midst of turmoil.

The second boat has everything it needs to be afloat, appears to be seaworthy. Yet, there it sits just far enough from the water to not go afloat. The waves were coming very near, to be sure, but it remained in safety.

Balance has not been easily obtained in our lives recently. We have lived in a land of extremes for weeks. I stood between these seaworthy vessels and pondered balance. I don’t want to stay so safe that I cannot fulfill the purpose for which I was created. I dare not take risk to the point of destroying what has already been established. Both myself personally and CLIMB as an organization.

As I share my thoughts now it seems far less deep than when I stood on the shore with camera in hand. I trust you are out there – someone either deep in risk or stuck in the sand that may benefit from my sharing.

If you are struggling right now, feeling as if waves may overcome your little boat, like you are on a sinking vessel with no life jacket available, take heart. If you have a dream or a calling – you see it, hear it, smell it, but just have not shoved off shore, take heart. You were created with purpose, ON purpose. Do it. Take the risk, push off shore, taste it.

I have not become an expert at balancing risk. In fact, my vessel currently feels threatened, possibly taking on a little water as it rocks with the crashing waves. That’s OK. I trust the captain.

“And we know that for those who love God all things work together for good, for those who are called according to his purpose.” Romans 8:28

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  1. LaVonne Luck February 24, 2019 Reply

    These blogs or stories are so enlightening to those of us who “follow from afar”. For some of us that have made the journey to Haiti it is “like being there”, almost!!! God’s continued blessings.

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