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Name one essential for school that is common across the globe, is useful even when class is not in session, and carries your prized possessions  – BACKPACKS! Patchouko and I were ECSTATIC one day post-Hurricane Matthew as we walked through Dierre Fort. We stepped between crowded homes, ducked under damaged steel roofing, and heard. . . .is that a sewing machine?! Sure enough, tucked in a small room just ahead of Anchino’s home was a Haitian man assembling backpacks.

Accolade for Saving Lives is proud to be buying their school backpacks locally!!  What we found are STURDY, well constructed packs made of high grade, tough material. To our astonishment they exceed the strength and durability of high dollar backpacks available for purchase here in the U.S.  Reinforced seams, reinforced corners, sturdy handles, buckles, you name it and it’s got it!!

We’re asking you to consider supporting Haitian-run business by donating $15/backpack to be purchased from our entrepreneurial friend. We have ordered 17 backpacks and currently have funding for 4 of them. That only leaves $195 remaining to fulfill the order.

Scoot over to our “Get Involved” tab, hover and click on “Donate” to give $15 or a custom amount toward purchase of Haitian-made backpacks for school this fall.


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