Stopped In My Tracks

I was hiking a state park in Oregon this week, a park filled with stunning, powerful waterfalls; a rain forest, in fact. I was steeped in an intense sense of awe and splendor when suddenly it felt as though I had been punched in the gut. The intensity stopped me in my tracks. Gallons of water tumbled loudly into a blue pool far below me. A mist surrounded me swirling like a physical representation of my thoughts and emotions. Nearing tears, I cried internally – I do not deserve this freedom of choice, freedom of travel and the opportunity to see. . .that’s it! That’s it, isn’t it? God opening my eyes, He has pulled back a curtain, revealing life in a very different reality – a reality that is the norm for a tremendous number of people. People more faithful, more generous and more resilient than I, whose world consists of the tiny country in which they were born. Many without a birth record, some without legal ID & most without a VISA or Passport. We travel to them and they glean pieces, glimpses of life in the U.S. through us. For our loved ones, Haiti is home. The Dominican Republic lies border to border on an island in total smaller than Texas alone, yet most of our friends will never visit the bordering country let alone travel across the sea or the ocean. Joyful squeals from my nine month old grandchild jolt me back to the dirt path my feet are planted upon. I do not want to unsee, forget or process out of what God has revealed. I don’t have any answers. I simply know I cannot enjoy the privileges without also responding to the injustices. I cannot waste my undeserved privilege of freedom and opportunity solely on pursuit of self. My Haitian friends envision our life as a passionate pursuit because of the freedom and opportunity we have. Is it? Have you been stopped in your tracks recently? I hope so, and I hope for you that God is asking something crazy of you – something that seems out of your comfort zone. Embrace that in faith and pursue it passionately with confidence that you were created to do this and shall do this one step at a time. Go – be blessed and be a blessing.

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