When Oceans Rise – Thank you, Hillsong

You’re likely familiar with the song “Oceans” by Hillsong. As we watched the waters rise in our former hometown of Charles City, IA two weeks ago it was our prayer for friends there to keep their eyes above the waves, their souls resting in God’s embrace. The afternoon of September 27th the same Cedar River crested here in our new hometown of Cedar Rapids, IA. My heart was heavy for those that would trudge again through this experience – the scars of 2008 not yet completely healed. I sang through “Oceans” as a prayer for all of us.

This morning Hillsong’s cry to rest in His embrace as we keep our eyes above the waves is a scream to our God felt viscerally for those of us feeling the helplessness of watching from afar as Hurricane Matthew approaches Haiti. It puts us right where we belong – at the foot of the cross with our Father who knows all, sees all and who is in control.

Our friends in Haiti are accustom to adversity. They are resilient and resourceful. Warnings of the approaching Hurricane Matthew have come yet shelters remain largeely empty. How can this can be? Please seek to understand our friends living in the impoverished neighborhoods of Les Cayes, Haiti. Theirs is a culture of deeply extreme poverty. Life WITHOUT a hurricane is exponentially grueling. Together they have endured frequent loss, frequent tragedy. They have survived life events and replay memories that most of us cannot even imagine exist. Those of us in the developed western world live in thought patterns far different from the thought patterns of our Haitian brothers and sisters, especially those served by Accolade for Saving Lives. Please seek to understand why moving large families consisting of small children, challenging teenagers, sick &/or dependent elderly family members to a shelter and leaving behind few but prized possessions may not seem like the best option – even in the face of predicted catastrophe. Let us love our neighbors where they are, as Jesus loves us right where we are – in our good times and our bad.

Patchouko has formulated a plan. He has visited each of the Accolade for Saving Lives families, ensuring they are aware of the dangers, aware of the need to seek shelter in a secure location. He will love them where they are, help them when he can. And as the storm comes, we lean on the everlasting arms of God our Father, trusting in His provision in times of trial. Through it all CLIMB and Accolade for Saving Lives will remain faithful to the call of service. Thank you for your continued support in prayer and finances as we seek to follow God well.

Join us as we pray asking in all that occurs, God’s will be done. If it be His will to spare Haiti this storm – let us praise Him. If the storm comes as predicted, let us praise Him in the storm.

Father God, you are greater than our minds can fathom. When we feel helpless, you are there. Scared, tired, hungry, weak, hurting, sad – you are there. When we have no words for the yearnings of our heart, you promise us the Holy Spirit’s intervention. Hear our pleas now, Father, for wisdom, discernment, patience and perseverance. Protect those in the path of this storm – protect their bodies, minds and spirits. Keep hearts and minds focused on the strength available to them through you. Protect all from the temptation of turning elsewhere for comfort & strength – keep us firm in the knowledge that all good things proceed from life in You. We know not what lies ahead, but we trust in your promises. AMEN.

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