Doing this thing called LIFE obediently
Prayers before lunch 2


As I prayed and pondered over this initial blog entry the first thing that came to my mind was obedience. I imagine you can all relate to that moment when you must make a choice between one thing or another. In that moment of decision you can listen to the still, small voice or you can follow your gut.  On some occasions the choice rewards both your gut and that still, small voice. But there are those times when one choice would be much easier, it would cause no harm, and it may actually make more sense at the time. However that still, small voice within us is whispering something different.  It is telling us there is something more. It isn’t comfortable, it won’t be easy, and people will likely question us if we take that path.  Just thinking about it wrenches our gut. Yet we are being urged to take a bold step, to demonstrate faith.

I noticed something as I browsed through pictures to select one as an opening feature with my first entry into the world of blogging.  At Accolade for Saving Lives we pray together a lot. Sometimes we pray in English, most often in Creole. Often our prayers are those of thanksgiving – for safety, provision, blessings, relationships, hope. This is powerful stuff, seeking our heavenly Father together, knowing that He is listening, hearing and loving us. Heads bowed in unison. Seeking. Asking. Thanking. Preparing. Listening for His voice.

This week that bond of prayer became even more powerful for me. Yes, there have been times that we have knelt before our God and King with sobbing pleas for healing, for wisdom, for strength and for courage. He has answered those prayers and we sing praises to Him every day for the provisions and privilege of being His. But this week it was my turn to be blessed. We may be separated by a few miles and a bit of the ocean, but there is no space that can separate our spiritual connection. I contacted ASL’s director, Patchouko, mid-week. What I heard were impactful, sweet words. You see, I had an important meeting that Patchouko knew about. When I sent a message to report back to him, he replied “The boys were praying together for you during your meeting”. All of them. Together. For me.

Prayer warriors. CLIMB has them here, those people who have committed to praying the armor of God over us individually and over the ministry God has called us to. We also have them obediently seeking His will for us from ASL, the very place that we are seeking to serve.  Twenty-seven young boys bowing together to pray for us, to pray for our hearts and minds in a world far different from theirs.  If you have stepped out in any form of service, you are familiar with this phenomena – in the end we ponder who was truly served? Those we sought to bless or ourselves as the blessing came back to us ten-fold or more?

Blessings are a reward to obedience. Obedience flows from prayer. Psalm 143:10 tells us, “Teach me to do your will, for you are my God; may your good Spirit lead me on level ground”. AMEN. Keep us on level ground. Keep us grounded, focused, not looking right or left but seeking to stay on the straight but narrow path.

Ephesians 2:10 says, “For we are God’s workmanship, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do”.

Join us on this ever-changing journey of service. Pray for us. Join the team of financial supporters that give monthly to support ongoing needs, sponsor projects & sponsor school scholarshps. Follow our adventures through this blog, on our website @, &/or Facebook as Accolade for Saving Lives and Climb for Haiti.

Thank you for coming along in whatever way you decide to accompany us! May God fill your hearts through the adventures we are privileged to share with you!

Check back and follow closely to learn more about how CLIMB and its seven imperfect board members have been bonded together in obedience to a call!



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