Can you IMAGINE three growing seasons? Oh, the POTENTIAL!!
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In a land with 3 growing seasons Haiti consistently imports 90% of the food consumed. This has led to horrific food insecurity this year amidst political instability and COVID closing borders and making travel unsafe. In our city of Les Cayes we depend upon local markets. Vendors at the local market get their goods largely from Jeremie and Port Au Prince. Gangs and thugs had main roadways blocked for months, making it impossible to exchange goods. Neighborhood depots sold out quickly, suppliers ran out next and people were left to eat whatever they could scrounge, literally. Some were blessed to have access to meal packs. That was before COVID. Not long after COVID reached the Dominican Republic the borders were closed to enter Haiti. For some time transfer of essential goods was allowed, but eventually that was halted as well. No flights were coming in, either.

Accoalde for Saving Lives (ASL) employs a Haitian Agronomist (Jackson Coudo) and together we are working to change the situation in ASL’s area of influence. Approximately two years ago Patchouko / ASL began farming a plot of land under Jackson’s direction and supervision. Today they are providing small amounts of corn, beans, peppers, okra and melon to supplement daily meals at ASL programming. They rotate those crops with peanuts grown and harvested for the ASL Peanut Butter Production Program. The PBPP makes peanut butter to feed breakfast daily to ASL program participants and staff. Each day of production (1 – 2 times/month) provides a small income to 5 families.

The small farm operation is one program for ASL with huge potential and one hurdle. We need partners to help with funding to purchase seeds, a tractor, hand tools, irrigation supplies (one generous donor sponsored the well installation). God has blessed each harvest with just a little more than is demanded by the program, which has allowed for small sales to local restaurants. This, of course, has fed back into the program and is the intent as things progress. It can only progress with outside assistance.

Consider becoming a Sustaining Partner with CLIMB for Haiti. 100% of donated funds go directly to Haiti. It doesn’t take a lot from any of us if all of us do a little, with an exchange rate of $1 U.S. : $24 Haitian. I am confident this program will clear its hurdles if we partner to get them out of the starting blocks. 

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