Burdened By The Stress Engulfing Me Yet Remaining In Prayer

One late night this week I was feeling burdened by the stress engulfing me and I laid a very specific need down as I told God, “I know you know our need. I know you already have a plan to meet it.” I pleaded for patience as I waited for provision.

The next morning I read 2 Chronicles 20:11 and decided it would be a good passage to share with the boys at the garden. We headed out to ASL’s garden in Torbeck but I didn’t get the opportunity to share the passage before we began work. As I was pulling weeds I received an alert on my phone.  Now, here me clearly, God doesn’t normally answer my pleas in 12 hours, but when He does I am reminded that the HOLY SPIRIT is active and living. Tears clean a path down my dirt-covered cheeks as I read the message.

A friend THOUSANDS OF MILES AWAY contacted me, asking if she could provide the EXACT need I had prayed over the night before. Not a vague, what would be most helpful, or if you can use it request. No. A very specific, this is what I would like to do if that is OK with you, request. The very need, fulfilled.

It began to rain and we gathered beneath almond trees for protection. At once I was moved to dance in the rain! We tried to make the creole words to “Singing In The Rain” match the melody but laughed heartily as we failed miserably J

2 Chronicles 20:11 – 30 came back to mind. How perfectly that wrapped up what had just happened.  Tiny me trying to make some sort of dent in the needs of the poorest nation in the west AND WE WERE EMBRACED BY THE LOVE OF GOD THROUGH THE POWER OF THE HOLY SPIRIT!!!  Directly. This is stuff you read about in the lives of other people, right? NO – wrong! Believe it. Own it. Call it out. I chatted with my friend right then about the gravity of it, how overwhelmingly incredible it felt for me to be standing at the sea, on newly turned soil KNOWING that God was there in so many ways, but specifically providing a specific, immediate need…..immediately.  We marveled at His choosing US.

After dancing in the rain I felt the need to shout it out. Everyone should know that God IS working today, miracles DO still happen. We can’t explain why sometimes they do and sometimes they don’t, but we can see Him at work in all things. We gathered under the tree, sprinkles still spitting upon our faces, as I began to recall my plea to God, the passage I read in the morning, and the answer to prayer before I even had the chance to share the passage. The boys were engaged in the story and were able to grasp how it was the day’s reality in real time, yet resembled very much so many bible stories we can retell.  They recalled accurately the story of the bleeding woman who had faith in Jesus. God’s intervention and care is not just sometime we read about from a time past, we were actively experiencing it together under an almond tree on the sea. Can you EVEN?

I have to tell you what was happening.  I wanted to take a step but I did not see the provision for the needs that step would create. I found myself at the end of the plank once again, KNOWING with all of my heart that God was calling for me to pick up my foot and trust that He would extend the plank just far enough to hold me.

I bask now in praise and a light that reminds me to encourage you to respond to the still, small voice when it calls. Your response may very well be an answer to a prayer thousands of miles away that you are completely unaware of!



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