Let This Sink In

Yesterday I had the chance to catch up with an acquaintance originally from Togo, Africa. We talked a lot about family. I asked him if all of his family is now here in the U.S. His answer was not what I expected to hear. His mother is not yet here. In fact, she will not […]

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Can you IMAGINE three growing seasons? Oh, the POTENTIAL!!

In a land with 3 growing seasons Haiti consistently imports 90% of the food consumed. This has led to horrific food insecurity this year amidst political instability and COVID closing borders and making travel unsafe. In our city of Les Cayes we depend upon local markets. Vendors at the local market get their goods largely […]


  FEET I nearly stumbled on a pile of sandals that appeared as though boys had simply walked right out of them rather than stopping to take them off.  Memories flooded back of the days my children would leave the very same scene behind as they transitioned from one busy activity to the next. This […]

Hearts of Service

  A heart of service, a lifestyle of service, feelings of inadequacy, kneeling in prayer, bleeding knees, continued service in a lifestyle of dependence, increased understanding of the need for dependence, a heart of service, broken hearts, doubts, fears, bent in prayer, bleeding hearts, deepened dependence, broken spirits, bleeding hearts, eyes to see what breaks […]

Edlins house
A Neighborhood Visit

I have been incredibly hesitant to share personal pictures of our time in Haiti. They are so intimate, revealing, and in my heart and mind they border on exploitation. I know that isn’t reality, but it is my heart. You see, I know that if I do not show them, you cannot know (unless you […]